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Sist oppdatert: 23.03.11

PPT-OT works with Special educational needs services, school psychology and follow up adolescents who doesent attain school or work.

PPT-OT deliver services in school psychology and pedagogics. PPT works with special educational needs, and assessments of children i pre-school and school. PPT offers meetings in preschool and schools with parents, teachers and staff personnel, to prevent any problems in learning or social development, and to support any needs. PPT together with parents, evaluate needs for referral or further assessments.

OT works with adolescents who dropps out of their school-program, and have no job. OT work for the adolescents to get in a better day routine, or help adolescents into any system which are required ex. NAV. OT also help to get in contact with any necessary school or work-training activity (Lærlingplass).


To get in contact, please call for make an appointment. Or you can get in contact with the pre-school or school personnel, and ask for a meeting with PPT-OT represented.